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Poboy Restaurant Turned Mobile

Wednesday, December 05, 2018 at 4:00PM by Food Truck Spaces


We are Nola Poboys from  Houston, TX.

We had a very famous Poboy restaurant for years in Mississippi. Retired in 2000, then after living here for a couple years we wanted to bring something unique to the people of Houston.

We specialize in authentic New Orleans style Poboys. We order Ledenheimer bread from New Orleans and use local seafood. With 30 years of cooking experience, we care about the quality of our food using fresh ingredients. What sets us apart is we care about each customer enjoying our product more than the profit. We cook to order and everything is cooked ourselves. After all these years we still enjoy our poboys.

Obstacles / Challenges – It’s been smooth for the most part, although there have been minor issues such as truck problems, bad weather conflicting bookings, and occasional low sales for shifts.

Success – The number one measure of success is when a customer enjoys our product and it puts a smile on their face, not just a number of sales.

Advice – Do something you love, you have to be hands on. Customer service and quality products is key.

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