How To Create A Food Truck Menu

Monday, December 17, 2018 at 7:00PM by Food Truck Spaces


Menus can bring in or deter clients from coming up to your truck. It’s important to follow a few simple guidelines to maximize your potential client efforts.

1.  Keep it simple – create a menu that has a few items which you excel at. A few items can be anywhere from 6-10 menu items. Most people want decisions made for them, they want the answer to what they want to eat handed to them. A simple menu will make it easier on the brain to process and decisions will be made quicker, eliminating a barrier to placing an order. Too many menu items will clutter your menu and stress out the reader; get rid of unpopular dishes on your menu.

2.  Pricing and text – The idea here is to make it psychologically pleasing to read the menu. Rather than going the standard route of placing text on the left and pricing on the right, it’s best to nest the pricing into the description using the same font. The goal here is to have the reader make a selection based on the description of the food, what speaks to their belly, and not make a decision based on price.

3.  Stay updated and Unique – Clients search and travel to visit food trucks that offer delicious yet unique offerings. Think about it, if they could find a similar offering at a brick and mortar or another food truck, why would they seek yours out? It’s important to keep updated on the food trends and gear your flavors and menu items towards demographic desires during that time period. Experiment and play around with the flavors and design of your food to showcase on social media. Foodies are always searching for the newest item to try. This means your menu cannot remain static for long, your menu should be updated along with the pricing for consistent growth.

4.  Mobile Menu – Patrons will review your menu prior to seeking out your truck on foot. Create a menu that is compatible across all browsers and easy to read.

5.  Images – place images of your top-selling, highest margin, items on the menu. Make sure to have professional photos taken. Aesthetically pleasing images will call out to patrons. If you don’t have professional photos, then its best to not include on your menu.

Food Truck Menu Items

6.  Color – research the best colors to increase appetite and coordinate those colors on your menu. Color draws a reader in and will bring energy to your menu.

7.  Design – Graphic designers are relatively cheap if you don’t have the top notch skills to create your own. Contact us for recommendations.

Lastly, it is important to proofread your menu and have professionals review it. Feedback is important for growth. Utilize research and data to help make the best menu for your truck!

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