Food Truck Parking Regulations

Monday, December 17, 2018 at 6:00PM by Food Truck Spaces


Although being a food truck means that you are mobile, it does not mean that you can park anywhere and serve. Many states, cities, counties, and provinces have regulations to prevent mobile food units from parking and setting up shop without proper permitting and documentation. This is setup to prevent trucks from squatting and taking up space utilized for other public services.

food truck parking policies and procedures

Regulations were put into place to protect the public from improperly built trucks without proper propane and buildout inspection as well as protecting physical locations from squatting trucks that would take up parking space or block their store front.

As time has progressed food trucks have become safer and more prevalent. This has increased the demand for trucks at different events. If you want to attend an event or are invited to one as a food truck, is it legal to park anywhere? The answer is you must reach out to the city and county the event will be held to make sure you have proper permitting within those boundaries as well as any city and restroom documents needed for that specific location. Without these documents, you run the risk of being shut down, fined, and sent home by a local jurisdiction inspector.

Remember the Following

  • Cities generally have regulation jurisdiction over the County they are located within. Cities usually include all the regulation requirements of the Counties but then add even more regulation.
  • There is less regulation for parking on private property versus public, such as street parking.
  • Many jurisdictions require you to get your truck serviced at a commissary every 24 hours.
  • Many health department permits are only good for 1 year.
  • Ensure you have all your permitting and parking documents readily available in your truck to present to an inspector. The inspector will most likely shut you down until you find the documents.

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