Scheduling trucks and managing events is easy breezy.

One-time registration of all locations, create events, assign trucks and let our system handle the rest. Manage your account and set guidelines/requirements for each event; our system will make sure all bookings meet your requirements.

Save on payroll cost.

Let us be your team, grow without bringing on more employees and eliminate payroll costs and taxes.

Advanced analytics and algorithms.

Review the performance of each property/event/truck with real-time analytics.

Getting paid is simple.

Payment integration allows you to get paid in real-time. Trucks are charged at the time of booking. You’re paid out

Organize amazing food truck events in a matter of minutes.

Food Truck Spaces allows you to take the complexity out of organizing food trucks events. With just a few clicks, you and your food trucks are on the same page. Boom! Just like that!!!

Flyers made on the fly.

Our system will create a flyer for each event. This flyer can be emailed out to each property for advertisement of trucks/event.

Bigger, better, faster. We're talking about you.

The food truck community is growing every day. We’re here to help all professional coordinators like you, nourish their roots and grow their branches beyond their current infrastructure.

Powerful analytics. Easy to understand and act on.

We’ve spent thousands of hours working with food truck coordinators like you to design and develop algorithms and meaningful analytics that you can actually use to plan and supercharge your success.

Bigger, better, faster food truck coordinators.

Spaces such as apartment buildings, office buildings and festival that are managed by you are not shared with other coordinators and are yours to keep. If we find new ones that in an area managed by you, we’ll even pass them on to you. After all, when you thrive, we thrive.

Expand beyond your county/city/state.

Whether you want to stay local or expand beyond city limits, we’re here to help you. We’re here to foster a partnership with the best coordinators; any leads that come our way will go to the most appropriate coordinator within the region.

Our pricing is simple. It’s free for you. Forever. For real!

Food Trucks Spaces is driven by your success. We charge food
trucks a flat $5 fee to book at a space.

No fees. No commitments. No kidding.

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